Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OPEN HEAVENS DEVOTIONAL FOR 21ST MAY, 2014 TITLED: Safety in Christian Counselling


Memorise: Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
                   Proverbs 11:14

READ: Acts 27:30-37                BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Genesis 44-45; Psalm 107:23-32
Counselling is used to describe the process of giving advice or suggestions to another person in order to help solve their problems. It is a situation where an individual that has problems comes to a person called a counsellor for guidance on what to do. It is true that there are many approaches to counselling. There is for example, the patient-oriented approach to counselling. There is the behavioural or stimulus-response contiguity approach, and there is the humanistic approach which is postulated on the premise that man possesses the capability of moving from a state of maladjustment to a state of adjustment when a threat-free, acceptable and conducive psychological climate is established. However, the safest form of counselling is Christian counselling. This approach involves trusting the Trinity (the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost) as the sole solution to all problems.

Every child of God should be involved in Christian counselling. Three entities are involved in Christian counselling. First, the Trinity is involved. He is the invisible and the infallible Counsellor. Second, there is the visible human counsellor and lastly, there is the human counselee. The Church should give serious attention to Christian counselling. The body of Christ should begin to develop seasoned counsellors to help solve the myriad of problems brought to her. Counselling involves communication. A Christian counsellor should therefore be a good conversationalist. 

Additionally, the human counsellor should receive training in the art of counselling and human relations. Such a person should also have emphatic understanding, patience and humour. He or she must be sociable and friendly, and possess at least an average intelligence quotient. A counsellor should equally be one that demonstrates consistent mature behaviour. The person should have respect for other people’s ideas, opinions, line of thinking and philosophy. Regard for other people’s worth and dignity as human beings irrespective of their economic status is also a necessary attribute. He or she should be alert to the feelings and non-verbal expressions of others, such as facial changes during counselling, and maintain honesty, confidentiality and self-evaluation. It is required that all Christians should endeavour to be good counsellors. 

Pastors and ministers of the gospel should be involved in Christian counselling, especially guidance counselling. Are you a pastor? It is mandatory for you to be a guidance counsellor. You should encourage the counselling department and stimulate the interest of church workers and other ministers in counselling. Seek to bring solutions to the problems of others. Be involved.

Action Point: Pastors, encourage your counselling department with good offices, computers & accessories. 

Source: OPEN HEAVENS DEVOTIONAL, VOLUME 14,2014 by Pastor E.A Adeboye

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